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Your pulse slows down and you are less likely to develop wrinkles.

The fact that you have chosen to quit smoking, slows the skin aging process. After 20 minutes, your pulse will reach a normal level. You no longer have to worry about carcinogenic substances entering your body.


Blood flow improves.

Nicotine causes blood vessels to contract. Shortly after quitting, the contractile effects subside. Carbon monoxide from cigarettes no longer occupy the bloodstream. This provides cells with more oxygen. Blood circulation is important for regeneration.

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The risk of heart attack starts decreasing.

For every cigarette you take, life expectancy is shortened by 5-7 minutes. For every cigarette you do not take, will prolong and improve life.

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Taste and smell improves.

Taste- and odor receptors comes back to life. Food and drink taste more and better. The ability to distinguish smells is enhanced.

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Lung capacity increases and the body is free from nicotine.

Even if you have not noticed improvements yet, lung capacity has increased. It is not uncommon to cough at this stage. The cilia (tiny hairs that keep air passages clean), which have been paralyzed by cigarettes are now functioning again.

Remember that nicotine-cravings only last a few minutes, and will gradually disappear within the next few weeks.

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Movement feels easier because lung capacity and blood circulation has improved.

When you quit smoking, blood circulation in the vertebrae and back muscles increases, thus reducing the risk of back problems. The skin looks healthier, as blood flows more efficiently.

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After 28 non-smoking days, you are five times more likely to quit for good!

You've come a long way! For each non-smoking day, your body improves. Remind yourself why you have quit smoking.

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Less prone to respiratory infections. Celia in the throat is revived.

Cilia in air passages recover, and work full time keeping your lungs clean. Mucus production is reduced. Some get coughs at this time. Asthma-patients may get milder symptoms. People with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will delay or even recover from the disease.

The damage in blood vessels caused by smoking is now being repaired. The risk of getting a blood clot is greatly reduced.

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Your immune defense is strengthened.

A boost in your immune system makes you less susceptible to colds and other illnesses. The risk of respiratory infections and heart attack is considerably reduced.

Smoking 20 a day for a year, equals approximately 1000 hours. Time you can spend on more important things.

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The risk of developing heart disease and stroke is significantly reduced.

5 years after quitting you have the same risk of having a brain hemorrhage as a non-smoker. Cells in the early stages of cancer have a chance to heal. The risk of developing cancer in the respiratory system, bladder, kidney, cervix and pancreas is reduced.

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Chances of developing lung cancer are reduced by half and the risk of many other cancers continue to decline in the coming years.

10 years after you quit smoking the risk of lung cancer is significantly reduced. General health has improved, not to mention all the money you've saved!

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